b'LA Car ManWills work is impelled by this same desire to help people and put things right. The many drawings of cars, for example, have at their core a desire to design safe auto-mobiles. They are the beginning of it all in a way, stemming from the time in 1984 when Wills niece was killed in a traffic accident. My brother was devastated, he says, Something in him died, and I wanted to somehow make it right; prevent it happening again. So I started to design safety features.The artist places protec-tive rails and buffers right around his vehicles; sometimes their purpose is to pro-tect pedestrians from injury, but mostly the additions and protuberances are designed to minimise the effect of impacts and to absorb shocks. Chassis are big and chunky. Cabins are characteristically protected by plexiglass domes, which also ensure all-round visibility. The resulting images give the effect of retrofuturis-tic speed machinesthat is, they are definitely not of the present, but they are in some ways emblematic of historical technologies put to futuristic purpose.Such a Untitled (Wrist Choke Saver), 2011.Untitled (Emergency Brake Handle), 2014.Pencil on paper,11 x 14 inches. Pencil on paper, 11 x 14 inches.10'