b'LA Car ManThe body of work created in the last twenty years differs in size, but at its core is the fundamental unit of the 11 x 14 inch drawing sheet. This is unsurprising since Wills studio consisted of his car. Similarly with his materials, which consist almost exclusively of pencil and colour crayon, although he did experiment briefly with watercoloura medium that proved impractical because of its fluid nature and the time required for sheets to dry. Will nevertheless handles these simplest of artist materials with great skill and invention, conjuring worlds and giving material form to ideas. His methodologies have developed intuitively over time. As he says, I went in my own direction. Working with lines and graphics. I just put down what pops into my head. Every picture has its own story and relates to things that are happening around him in his life at each moment. Of course there are echoes of things that actually exist out there in the world around him in his work, appropri-ated subconsciously into the imagined other places he reveals; ghosts of place and Californian vegetation. But Wills images essentially grow out of his subconscious and are given form by the creative act of drawing. There is, to put it in the surreal-ist, Andr Bretons terminology, much of the automatic method in the way in which Will works. Larger images are formed by the successive adding of individual drawing sheets. Sometimes only a couple, as with the tumultuous, almost Blakean sea and sunrise in an untitled landscape, orCar 6 (cf p. 21), which races incongruously through a precipitous grotto. Another image,Car 8 (opposite) consists of three panels piled up vertically, suggesting at once past, present and future in its crashing together of pictorial elementsretrofuturistic automobile, hand-hewn rock walls and tree-born pyramid structure. This image also points to a fusion of nature (the trees and landscape), mysticism (the pyramid) and rational invention (the car). Two others il-lustrated here consist of multiple sheets.Pumpkin Castle consists of nine individ-ual sheets, while its companion piece,Pumpkin Castle Interior consists of at least thirteen. I say at least because the growth of these multiple panel images is or-ganic. Will always begins with a single sheet, perhaps with the assumption that the Right Untitled (Car #8), 2015. Colored pencil on paper, 11 x 14 inches per panel.12'