b'William A HallHall holding binder, 2016. Photo: Angie Page.sense is underscored by the typically rustic environments through which they rush, tearing up the rocky or grassy terrain as they go. In the worlds imagined in these pictures there is no sign of the omnipresent sealed freeways of contemporary LA. Inventions are a key aspect of Wills art production, both as things in themselves and as contributions to larger drawing projects. Always they are aimed at helping people. The various choke-savers, for example, are a good case in point. On one occasion Wills mother got something stuck in her throat and began choking. Luckily, Will was around and was able to save her by performing the Heimlich manoeuvre. But what if shed been alone? She would surely have died, he reasoned. So, he set about invent-ing portable devices that individuals could use to save themselves if alone, such as the wrist choke-saver. Similar, thoughtful inventions include the lean-over device, by which people can kneel in comfort and safely work above an exposed automobile engine. Others include designs for parts of cars, such as an emergency brake handle, or engines. There is also a series of drawings relating to the construction of a pyra-mid and the elaborate vision ofKnucklebunzz Harvesting Mushrooms (cf pp 48-49)11'